Coverage Highlights

Below are highlights of the coverage provided to members through the Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority. 

Liability Coverage

    All liability coverage provided under a single "policy"

        Commercial General         Business Auto Liability                 Commercial Umbrella 
        Teachers Professional       Board Errors and Omissions         Medical Malpractice  
        Media Professional           Law Enforcement                          Garage Liability
        Garagekeepers                  Employment Practices Liability    Terrorism  

    $15,000,000 limit of liability on all coverages.
  No aggregate limits!*

    Very broad subjects of coverage include:

        Violation of civil, statutory and constitutional rights
        Discrimination and harassment arising out of employment and law enforcement operations
        Professional liability including medical malpractice for students and staff

    "All Risk" coverage protects against all causes of loss not specifically excluded 

Broad definition of who is covered includes:

Current and former employees
        Students when fulfilling curriculum requirements or participating in college-sponsored events
        Elected and appointed officials

Property Coverage

Comprehensive property coverage under on policy includes broad subjects of coverage with high automatic limits:       

Buildings and personal property covered together under a blanket limit

$1,000,000 automatic limit (higher available) for the following coverages:

Personal Property in Transit         Fine Arts                           Money and Securities
        Accounts Receivable                    Storm/Sewer Backup        Income/Extra Expense
        Blanket Employee Fidelity           Earthquake*                      Flood*

$5,000,000 automatic limit for the following coverages:

Unreported Property                                     Newly Acquired/Constructed Property
Aggregate Fire/Emergency Vehicles             Aggregate Mobile Equipment
        Structures Other than a Building
$50,000,000 automatic limit for damage caused by terrorism

Property covered for full replacement cost*

*Terrorism Liability limit $subject to $5,000,000 program-wide aggregate limit.  Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage $100,000 each person/$250,000 each occurrence.  Earthquake and Flood subject to program aggregate of $100,000,000.  Terrorism property coverage subject to program aggregate of $50,000,000.  Automobile physical damage, money and securities based on actual cash value at time of loss.  

Data Breach and Privacy Liability Coverage

Broad Subjects of Coverage include:

  • Network & Information Security Liability including regulatory fines  ($2,000,000 each claim)
  • Media Injury Liability  ($2,000,000 each claim)
  • Network Security Loss with Business Interruption coverage  ($2,000,000 each claim)
  • Breach Mitigation Expense  ($2,000,000 each claim)
  • PCI Assessments ($1,000,000 each card breach)
  • Social Engineering Loss  ($100,000 per occurrence)
  • Reward Coverage (50% of coverd claim or loss up to $25,000)
  • Telecommunications Fraud Reimbursement  ($25,000)