Services for Members

Like insurance companies, MCCRMA requires special services and expertise to support its mission of providing reliable and affordable property and liability insurance protection for its members.  Member colleges benefit from exceptionally close coordination between service providers who work continuously on behalf of MCCRMA members rather than on behalf of insurance company stockholders. 

Services provided for member colleges include:

Provides all internal accounting services including billing, cash receipts and payments, (administrative expenses and claims-related expenses).  Coordinates activities with the Claims Service, Audit Services and Investment Services.

Provides annual appraisals of all member buildings and library holdings.

Performs annual independent financial audit.

The claims service adjusts all property and liability claims.  In doing so, they evaluate all claims to determine whether coverage is applicable and whether limits are sufficient for coverage.  The claims service also works with Members to help coordinate recovery efforts on property claims and in close coordination with Members and defense counsel on resolution of liability claims.

Defense Counsel:
Represents member colleges as defense counsel in all litigation matters within the scope of coverages provided under the MCCRMA program.

Provides investment portfolio management services.

Placement and administration of reinsurance to pay for losses not retained with the Authority. 

Risk Management/Member Services:
Risk management consulting sales and services, including loss control services.  General insurance administration.  Coordination between service providers.  Meeting coordination.

Includes  risk evaluation and product pricing.  MMRMA also issues the official coverage documents.